Test Results: This tiny little change boosted response 43%

Conversion Test Results: Button Text

Last year one of the presenters at the Investing Info-Marketing Summit shared some great conversion test results.

One of them conversion elements he tested was calls to action. The button text.

He wanted to find something better than the  the generic button text like,  “Get started now,” “ Join now” “Subscribe Now.”

He ran test after test after test. Finally  he found a call to action that boosted response by 43%.

The winning call to action:  “I want to work with GURU’S NAME” . (NOTE: He actually used the product editor’s name.)

When he put that text on the buttons it resulted in a 43.9% boost in conversions. Think about that – for every $100 his sales page was getting he added $43. Not bad.

That one test result is worth tens of thousands of dollars to smart marketers and it was just one of five that he shared.

This year we’re going to be seeing another marketer,  Aaron, is going to share his test results that resulted in a 165% boost in conversions on his sales pages. Click here for details on this year’s Summit.

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