Financial Publisher’s Ad Swap Directory: Over 4.4 million active traders and investors you can promote to for free

As part of the Summit Jami & I maintain this ad swap directory for financial publishers. It’s free to have your list included in it but you do have to attend the Summit to get the full contact information for each of these publishers.

(Yes, everyone who attends the Summit gets access to this not just the list owners themselves).

Just having this list can solve most traffic problems for small publishers and is like getting 5 or 6 years worth or regular networking done in a few minutes.

This is virtually an “instant” massive financial affiliate network if you’re a motivated publisher.

Read through the list of opportunities available to you as part of the directory.

  1. A 93,000 name list of active traders. This list regularly ranks on “top of the leaderboard” on affiliate promotions.
  2. A 101,000  highly engaged and responsive fans who follow contrarian economic and investment ideas.
  3. A 585,000 name list of real estate focused investors interested in REITS, Mortgages, individual & institutional real estate investing and more.
  4. A 200,000+ email list of investors interested in gold and resource investing. And has shown to respond well to both low-price and high-price offers for investment products.
  5. A 45,000+ email list with average open rates of 18%. This list is composed of energy professionals, investors, traders, and analysts.
  6. A 45,000 email list of active traders signed up for information about trading options, stocks, forex, and futures.
  7. A 100,000 email list of active traders- including 20,000 buyers who have bought $997-$5,000 trading services.
  8. A 17,000 name optin list of high net worth investors interested in stock trading.
  9. An 80,000 name list of active traders interesting in charts, technical analysis, and more.
  10. A 150,000 name list of traders & investors interested in Forex, ETFs, and stock trading.
  11. An 8,000 name list of active long-term and REPEAT BUYERS interested in options, stocks, and futures trading.
  12. A 25,000 name list of active stock and options traders and self-directed investors.
  13. An 80,000 name list of subscribers to financial content that responds well to investment newsletter offers, gold & silver offers, and general investment advice.
  14. A 575,000 name list from a top conservative & alternative news source that responds well to financial newsletters, contrarian investment advice, and more.
  15.  120,000 name list of active traders.
  16. A 230,000 name list of active traders (this one you’d normally pay a $60 CPM to rent)
  17. A 75,000 name list of active traders who are all RESPONDERS (this one you’d normally pay a $75 CPM to rent).
  18. A 225,000 name list of active traders interested in options, Forex, and stocks.
  19. a 375,000 name list of financial investors, 50% U.S. and 50% non-U.S.  and described as “highly responsive.”
  20. A 175,000 name list of active traders and self-directed investors interested in option, stock, and futures trading. Average open rates around 18%.
  21. A 90,000 list of highly responsive, aggressive, short-term traders with the majority being options traders.
  22. A 21,000 list of PAID investment conference attendees.
  23. A 210,000 list of stock market newsletter subscribers.
  24. A 100,000 opt-in list of active subscribers, proven to buy front end as well as high backend financial subscription services – over 25% are active buyers.
  25. A 70,000 name list of active options traders interested in chart forecasting, trading, and daily market action.
  26. A 120,000 name list of active small cap traders.
  27. A 10,000 name list of traders who’ve opted in to receive regular trading tips.
  28. A 62,000 name list of traders interested in FOREX, stocks, and options products
  29. An 8,000 name list of active traders.
  30. Another 8,000 name list of traders interested in FOREX and options education.
  31. A 480,000 name list of investors and mostly affluent, male baby boomers who want to take control of their financial future, as well as protect and grow their nest egg as they move toward retirement.

If you want to get your hands on the Financial Publisher’s Ad Swap Directory then join then go here to register for the Summit today.

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