From $0 to $40 million in 18-months

How to scale fast

On August 7th, 2014 two guys working for someone else decided they wanted to go out on their own and launch their own website and business in the investment industry.

They approached Jeremy Blossom, of StrikePoint Media, a full service customer acquisition marketing agency dedicated to the trading & investing industry, with their idea.

After two months of preparation Jeremy launched his new acquisition strategy.
16 months later the brand new business had generated nearly $40 million in gross revenue – and are well on their way to breaking $100 million in 2016.

How’d they do it?

You’ll find out in 3-weeks at theInvesting Info-Marketing Summit because Jeremy has agreed to come do a case study on exactly how they did it.

He is going to show you exactly how he and his team scaled a company from scratch and made it the fastest growing company in its niche in a matter of months.

Including how they built the funnels, developed the lead generation offers, planned their media and more.

This is a rare opportunity to get an inside look into the full marketing strategy behind one of the biggest success stories in financial in the last two years. Go here if you’re not registered

John Newtson

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