Financial Traffic Series: Where to get high quality (and highly qualified) $3 leads in financial today

If you’ve been around the industry for awhile now then you know Tim Bourquin, from AfterOffers, is one of the go-to traffic sources in our industry if you are looking for high quality and highly qualified investor and trader leads.

What you might not know is that Tim started the Traders Expo with a classified add in a local newspaper. His initial response? Four guys showed up for a breakfast meeting.

He grew that until he was hosting 600 traders in a ball room TWICE A MONTH.

Eventually he sold that business to the Money Show but that experience also introduced him to the business of financial lead generation.

Now Tim runs a great business delivering investor and trader leads to publishers. (He also generates leads in other niches like internet marketing, travel & leisure, and others.

I wanted to interview Tim for a few reasons.

First & foremost because if you’re buying investor & trading traffic then he is someone you should know.

Tim gives you LEADS – not impressions, not email opens, but actual leads. People who saw your offer and manually selected to subscribe to your emails.

And he does it for about $3 a lead – which is one of the great deals available today.

He’ll even give you 100 leads for free so you can see how qualified they are.

Second, I wanted to introduce you to Tim because he is one of those guys who is always generous with his time and his expertise. He’s good people and worth knowing if you’re working in our industry.

He offered a lot of invaluable insights and advice to Jami & I when we launched the Summit based on his years of experience building and running the Traders’ Expo.

Third, this is part of a series of conversations I’m having with the highest quality advertising sources in our industry.

I believe we’re past the age of simply putting out “how to” information. The internet is full of how-to market, how-to sell, how-to do just about anything.

What matters now is connection.

It’s who you know.

And I want to make sure you know everyone who could potentially help you build your business.

So if you’re looking for traffic opportunities then go check out 


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