Bob has some of the easiest traffic to convert to trading offers (add him to your short list of traffic sources)

Bob Fladung from is someone you need to know.

He should be on your short list of potential sources of traffic if you sell trading products.

As a general rule of thumb, if you’re sending traffic to a trading or investing offer and you CAN’T make’s traffic convert, then you probably have a conversion problem in general.

I’ve run campaigns with clients in the past to INO that have generated some of the highest returns-on-investment that I can remember.

Over the years I’ve found media sellers have great insights into what is working out in the marketplace because they see hundreds of sales funnels, offers, and promotional ideas. And they know what’s working and what’s not.

That’s why I always like to pick their brains.

It makes me a smarter, more effective marketer.

So I had a long conversation with Bob about…

  • What types of traffic he has available.
  • What OFFERS he sees working best right now (Summer of 2016)
  • How to get the highest conversions when advertising to his traffic.
  • What kinds of volume you can expect
  • How he prices advertising .. and WHY (This is useful info to know).
  • Plus, we talk about how they’ve managed to maintain the quality of their traffic over such a long period ( a rare feat in our space)

And a lot more.

I’ve mentioned before that I believe every financial marketer should have a short list of “go-to” traffic sources.

That way you know where to test new offers, where you can roll out quickly when you have a winner, and basically turn your media buying into a more stable business process.

And Ino is on my personal short-list of places to test and roll out trading offers.

I highly recommend you take a few minutes to connect with Bob. Talk to him about your offers and what you have going on.

If you haven’t ever chatted with Bob then I encourage you to Click here to get’s media kit and connect with Bob


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