How to buy & scale financial traffic with Mike MacDougall from The Darwin List Network


All year I’ve been hearing through back channels that Mike MacDougall’s Darwin List Network has been delivering some of the highest returns on investment for marketers in our industry.

What’s nice about that is his list network is big. Very big.

I just had a long video chat with Mike as part of a series I’m doing with the people who have the traffic in financial.

I have two goals with this series:

  1. To introduce you to all the different people in the investor & trader media universe who you can go to grow your business.I’ll be introducing you to some sources you already know and several new or smaller email lists and sources you maybe never heard of – but would love to test.
  2. To have in-depth conversations about how to make each of these traffic sources work for you. And help you be a smarter media buyer by giving you more detailed information.

What’s great about Mike is that he comes from the marketer/publisher side of the business. He ran an agency that handled product launches, acquisition campaigns, and built sales funnels for financial publishers.

And that evolved in his media business. So he has a lot of practical, tactical, and strategic insight into how to actually make your advertising pay out for you.

In our conversation Mike and I discussed:

  • What general offers work best to his traffic.
  • How to scale up a successful campaign. He can deliver 15,000 to 20,000 leads a month to his largest clients – but you have to be able to
  • Mike details how to scale up a successful campaign.
  • How he helps new advertisers avoid losing money before they buy any ad.
  • He also outlines one of the most successful sales funnel formats he’s seeing work right now.
  • How to think through what metrics matter for your individual campaign.

And a lot more.

I’d love to here any questions or comments you have for Mike.

Hope this helps,
John Newtson

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