Financial Copywriter: Russ Reynolds

Russ Reynolds, Financial Copywriter

Russ Reynolds,
Financial Copywriter

Unlike a lot of other writers, Russ Reynolds never wanted to win a Pulitzer Prize.

He never wanted to be the next Stephen King.

He doesn’t work in coffee shops or vineyards.

You see a lot of writers end up writing copy by accident.  They settle for copywriting.

Russ is a sales guy at heart – he sold successfully for a Fortune 100 for the better part of 15 years before discovering copywriting and being consumed by the idea of such highly leveraged selling.

Russ writes to sell more of whatever it is that you sell, as long as it is financial – investment newsletters, trading services and more.

Russ has many A list clients…if you’d like to get some samples or find out more, visit his website or connect with him on LinkedIn.


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