Financial Copywriter Tony Flores

Tony Flores, financial copywriter

Tony Flores, financial copywriter

In 2006, Anthony Flores emailed the legendary Clayton Makepeace with a simple idea for a monthly print newsletter breaking down all his secrets in great depth. Clayton loved the idea so much, he said, “You’re hired! When can you start writing it?”

And thus, his career began. He spent years shadowing Clayton, learning from him, teaching his secrets to the larger copywriting community via the EasyWriter newsletter, creating industry-leading copywriting course materials, and writing winning promotions.

It was also during this time, while doing extensive study of winning investment promotions, that Anthony became an expert in writing financial copy. In the 8 years he’s been a full-time copywriter, a variety of his winning promos have been in this area, with many coming in the last 12 months. Anthony brings world class research skills, which he sharpened while attending Stanford University, strong logic, emotional engagement, and quality writing to the process of writing winning financial copy.

He currently resides in Palo Alto, California and focuses on crafting financial promotions that are driven by income, cash flow and/or technology

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