Tim Diering, direct response copywriter

Financial copywriter Tim Diering

Tim Diering, Financial Copywriter

Hi, my name is Tim Diering.

I’ve been writing marketing copy for over 13 years now. It’s what I do. For the first 5 years I wrote regular marketing copy. For the past 8 years, I’ve been writing nothing but direct response copy for financial publishers.

My DR copy has generated more than $10 million dollars in sales.  One promotion in particular pulled more than $3 million in roughly 4 weeks (two separate two week promotions).

The publisher I’m working with currently saw a 47% increase in revenue within the first 3 months after I started writing copy for them.

That’s because I’ve had great training. From 2008 to 2014, I wrote exclusively for divisions of Agora Publishing. This is where I honed my skills, and learned the ins-and-outs of great copy from men like Bill Bonner, Mark Ford, and Mike Palmer (among others).

I’ve also trained with Clayton Makepeace in “The Makepeace Method”, Clayton’s proven personal process for creating winning video sales letters.

In addition to my experience and training, I’ve developed my own two-step process for creating winning copy.

Step One uses an old screenwriting technique that allows me to generate copy very quickly (one publisher begged me for an “emergency” promotion in 3 days; this technique allowed me to get it to him. It worked well, too).

Step Two harnesses a 2,300-year-old “secret” that lets me consistently create copy that’s compelling, persuasive and effective. Combined, these two steps have become my “go to” process that’s allowed me to create more copy winners more often.


Contact Tim on Linkedin here.

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