Paul Maxey, Financial Copywriter

Paul Maxey, Financial Copywriter

A direct response copywriter and marketing strategist, Paul is a self-confessed “rebel” who loves to challenge the status quo, and find new and intriguing ways to get more profitable results for his clients.

After years of running around the corporate “hamster wheel” – and passionate about the psychology of persuasion, and what really makes people tick – he decided to try his hand at copywriting … and he’s never looked back.

He had the amazing fortune of honing his skills as a “Copy Cub” for direct response legend Clayton Makepeace, and has since worked with some of the biggest names in Internet Marketing, including Drayton Bird and Jeff Walker.

Paul loves to venture beyond just the copy, and dig into the strategy of his client’s businesses – where a few simple tweaks can quickly lead to an explosive increase in profits.

He specializes in writing for the B2B and financial markets.


“I rarely have the opportunity to meet – let alone help train – a copywriter who has a natural gift for creating great direct response promotions. Paul is one-in-a-million in that regard.

“He’s a great writer, a fantastic salesman-in-print and an amazingly quick study when tackling new challenges. Any company prescient enough and lucky enough to get Paul’s help on their promotions will thank their lucky stars.
“If you get the chance, hire him on the spot!”
– Clayton Makepeace

“Brilliant! I could never write stuff that good about myself.”
– Drayton Bird

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– John Newtson

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