Financial Copywriter: “Million Dollar” Mike Morgan

Financial Copywriter Mike Morgan

Top copywriter “Million Dollar” Mike Morgan,

“Million Dollar Mike” Morgan got his name for his uncanny ability to write copy that consistently brings in million dollar results. He’s written in the most competitive niches online, including health, marketing and financial and over his career has sold over $300,000,000 in goods and services.

And when it comes to hitting triggers that make people buy, Mike is among the elite. He has written sales copy for offers converting as high as 31%. He’s done 47 product launches since 2005, the largest with sales of $17,000,000 as well as a host of multi-million dollar launches.

Mike started on the web back in the Dotcom boom days in 1996 by founding the first bond investment online brokerage in the world. He’s been interviewed or mentioned in a who’s who of the financial press from BusinessWeek to Dow Jones News. After selling his brokerage, he trained under John Carlton, Gary Halbert and others, quickly becoming one of the most sought out copywriters in the world. Mike is also a member of the prestigious Bencivenga 100.

What Mike is well known for in marketing circles, is his uncanny ability to craft offers that sell like magic. He’s consistently added value to offers that make saying “yes” almost automatic. Mike’s an insider with some of the most illustrious Internet Marketers in the world and has a deep bag of IM tricks. He holds multiple controls with top players in marketing, including Agora Financial.

Mike is also a guest star coach for John Carlton’s Simple Writing System and seminars.

Here’s what top writers and marketers are saying:

Just recently, your sales letter for one of my high ticket coaching programs generated ONE MILLION dollars in sales in just 36 hours!

That’s all the proof I need that your copy produces extraordinary results.

Ewen Chia

Mike, you’re an amazing copywriter! I can’t believe you haven’t been doing this for 20+ years!!! I’m GREEN with envy… you’re that good!
TJ Rohleder
Direct Mail Superstar

Mike is a world-class copywriter and conversion expert. That puts him among a small handful of people in the world. But don’t let that intimidate you.

Mike is one of the most down-to-earth and approachable guys I know. The real cherry-on-top is that Mike has the work ethic of a plow-horse on steroids. When he worked on a project for me he just over-delivered again and again – and never once complained. I later figured out that that’s just who he is. While others are

complaining about work, Mikes just doing it. And doing it better than 99.9999% of the people on the planet. If you get a chance to work with him, stop thinking about it and do it.

Mark Joyner
Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of “Simpleology”

I’ve known Million-Dollar Mike for many years now, and can recommend the dude without hesitation. He’s been an essential wingman at several of my seminars (I insist he attend because of his deep knowledge of the inner workings of marketing and advertising)… and he’s been a teacher in our Simple Writing System mentoring program since its inception.

The guy has chops.
John Carlton
The Most Ripped Off Copywriter Alive

Mike can write great copy. But he also knows how to design and implement powerful marketing systems that transform that copy into sales and profits.

And that’s the next best thing to a license to print money.

David Deutsch
World Renowned Direct Response Copywriter Author, Think Inside the Box!

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– John Newtson

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