Financial Copywriter John McCrea

John McCrea, Financial Copywriter

John McCrea, Financial Copywriter

Much like legendary copywriter John Caples, John served in the military and worked as a Mechanical Engineer before discovering he had a hidden knack for copywriting.

He embarked on his copywriting career in 2004 and continues to write for renowned clients including Agora Financial, Weiss Research Inc., Clayton Makepeace, The Motley Fool, Schaeffer’s Investment Research, KCI Communications, and Angel Publishing.

What kind of results does he deliver? The front-end promotion shown in The Big Book of Financial Copywriters brought in almost 30,000 names alone and has been a control for over two years. All told, John has generated tens of millions in sales with his copy – and it goes without saying that his clients are thrilled:

“When I found John McCrea it was like striking gold!  John is a rarity – a one-in-a-million find. He’s blessed with the knack for creating headlines and sales copy that prospects can’t resist AND the formidable persuasive powers required to make the sale.” – Clayton Makepeace, Response Ink

“I’ve worked with John on several projects and the results have been exceptional. John’s approach is very straightforward – and most importantly, his copy is always on time… always strong… and always delivers results.” – Jody Madron, Angel Publishing

“Thanks to John’s strong copy, I’ve been able to continue promotion this trading service despite severe market turmoil.” – Heather Snead, KCI Investing

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– John Newtson

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