Financial Copywriter – Mike Jezek

Mike Jezek, Financial Copywriter

Financial copywriter Mike Jezek

Put 15 Years of Winning in Your Corner

If you want to add thousands of new names to your list and pyramid your back-end profits to new heights … Mike Jezek is the financial copywriter to call.

In the beginning, his first sales letter, an acquisition piece, fetched a smashing 7% conversion rate. Early to Rise brought in a handsome $441,000 in one day from Mike Jezek’s copy. One email Mike wrote seized $28,000 in afternoon profits.

Another client was all smiles when the sales funnel Mike wrote took in a kingly $1.2 million in three months. But that’s only part of the story.

In 2013, Mike signed on with a major financial newsletter publisher and out of a group of 18 front-end copywriters, he ended the year ranked at 4th place.

Then in 2014, out of about 25 front-end copywriters, he took first place … and held the title throughout the year. But he won’t be retiring anytime soon.

He’s very much active, writing his client’s next winning package. While other writers take time off to hang out with friends, Facebook, or play the latest Call of Duty game – Mike’s tapping away at the keyword creating a new blockbuster promo.

There’s a saying Mike’s favorite boxer, Floyd Mayweather says, “While you’re asleep – I’m training!” And so it’s the same with Mike Jezek.

Turn him loose on your acquisition packages and back-ends waiting to be written and you’ll sleep like a baby at night knowing it’s money in the bank.


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