Brad Petersen, Veteran Direct Response Copywriter

Brad Petersen, Financial Copywriter

Brad Petersen, Financial Copywriter

Brad Petersen is a direct response copywriter, internet marketing consultant and Jeff Walker-trained product launch consultant.  Over the last 19 years, he has written successful ads and sales letters for a wide variety of products and services, including nutritional supplements, newsletters, business opportunities, books, pool cues, money management services, investment products, insurance, video surveillance systems, and many others.

He has written numerous control packages for a variety of clients including Biocentric Health, Nature Trade Center, Weiss Publishing, Phillips Publishing, Jay Abraham, Soundview Communications, Gatekeeper Systems and many others.

Brad’s notable successes include co-writing a sales package for a $10,000 Jay Abraham business opportunity that helped sell more than 200 people on the opportunity.

His ads and sales letters also helped Florida based Cue & Case Sales — a start-up pool cue and case distributor — launch a new line of pool cues that quickly became the #1 selling cue in its segment, with more than $15 million in sales to date.  One of Brad’s sales letters sold so many cues, his client had to stop mailing it because he couldn’t get enough cues.

Brad also speaks on marketing and copywriting, most recently to a Jay Abraham M4 Marketing Mentorship seminar. Here’s what some of Brad’s clients have to say about him…

“As a copy chief I’ve hired a ton of copywriters to write new affiliate launches for one of my clients. Brad is one of only two copywriters who produced a million dollar launch for us.” – John Newtson

“I’ve helped Brad Petersen create kick-butt controls for financial publishers for many years now.  Brad’s so reliable I even coughed up a six-figure annual retainer to keep him locked up for years.”Clayton Makepeace, Editor, The Total Package, Waynesville, NC

“Your ads and sales letters have helped us sell over $3,000,000 (wholesale) worth of cues in just two years. We’re doing far better than I ever expected and are now the #1 cue in our price category.” Jim Lucas, Players Cues, Jacksonville, FL

“The insert you wrote for my dad’s book was the most successful in our newsletter’s history. We recently turned it into a sales letter and on some lists it’s pulling 7%.” —John King, Future Economic Trends, Santa Barbara, CA

Click here to connect with Brad through his website. 

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– John Newtson

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