Financial Copywriter Angel Suarez

Financial Copywriter Angel Suarez

Angel Suarez is a truly irreverent and some would say psychotic copywriter and marketing consultant. His level of egotism is almost comedic. He oftentimes wonders if he actually just has a low self-esteem and covers it up with bravado and bourbon. His clients speculate on these things in private as well, but find him charming nonetheless.

But frankly, his track record speaks for itself …

  • Generated $1.6 million in 3 HOURS of launching a new promotion for one client.
  • A campaign for a down and out currency product that beat the combined results of the previous two promotions by 300%.
  • An acquisition promo that has remained a control for nearly a year… and still runs strong to this day…
  • A campaign that brought in 28-times more profit than one legendary copywriter’s control…
  • A promotion that quadrupled a previously unmarketable products readership within 90 days…
  • One promo he wrote in 8 hours that would go on to convert at the highest internal rate of any product the marketing director had seen in at least a year…
  • A subscription renewal campaign that brought in almost $90,000 in one weekend…
  • A promotion for a written-off product that crushed the previous control by more than 200%… and would run consistently over the next year

And much more.

Angel was originally contacted by a division of Agora for freelancing assignment – but once they saw his samples, the company immediately asked him to become part of their in-house team. He was even called a “prodigy.”

He would later be personally recruited to be the protégé of one of the top writers in the industry.

Since then, he has worked with – and remains in demand at – some of the top publishers in the industry, including Weiss Research, Angel Publishing, Agora Financial, Contrarian Investments, Newsmax, Inc., The Sovereign Society, Lombardi Publishing, and others.

A number of his clients have dubbed him one of the top, proven copywriters in the industry. He has received exclusivity contract offers, retainer deals, and even turned down a copy-chiefing position.

He has helped train a handful of the top writers in the industry, who have gone on to write some of the most successful promotions of the last five years.

He has also participated in an exclusive, closed-door conference to help teach the marketing team of one 8-figure company more about writing copy.

Angel has written about countless investment strategies – including options, currencies, small cap stocks, technical analysis, value investing, commodity plays, MLPs, BDCs, and numerous other income investments.

He even wrote promotions at one point for “how-to” deer skinning and hunting products, animal trapping, carpet cleaning, marketing training programs, and yoga products.

He has been around the block.

At this moment, Angel is not taking new clients.

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– John Newtson

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