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The Most Interesting Copywriter in Chicago

Donnie Bryant, Financial Copywriter

Donnie Bryant, Financial Copywriter

Donnie Bryant has been given the unofficial title, “The Most Interesting Copywriter in Chicago.” Of course, in the direct response world, being “interesting” is irrelevant, but it makes for good conversation. Since 2007,

Donnie has written sales copy for dozens of niches, from dating advice to debt relief. Although he tried to resist, he finally surrendered to the siren call of the financial industry in 2014. He has written winning sales copy in multiple formats for clients such as Agora, Zacks Investment Research, Birch Gold Group, Goldco, Early to Rise and GKIC. He’s also written copy for financial services like annuities, life insurance and accounting firms. (Please don’t hold that against him.)

Donnie has published 3 books, contributed to numerous blogs and newsletters (the most germane of which is John Forde’s Copywriter’s Roundtable) and spoken on stage with the likes of Clayton Makepeace, David Deutsch and Parris Lampropolous. Donnie lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife Adina and their 4 children. Find out more about Donnie at Samples are available upon request.

Mike Capetanakis, DM Guru

Mike is direct marketing expert & copywriter who has managed as much as $50 million marketing budgets.

Mike is direct marketing expert & copywriter who has managed as much as $50 million marketing budgets.

Mike Capetanakis is the principal of MCDM Strategic Direct Marketing which designs, implements, and facilitates direct response projects. He specializes in producing leads from Online and Offline media channels using his experience, copy & creative design expertise. His Email Drip copy has proven to increase customer retention by 25-50%.

At Net Marketing Alliance/Trump Institute, whom he joined after selling his company- Success Publishing Group; publishers of Compton’s Encyclopedia. He managed their $50 million marketing budget to produce 800,000 affluent leads for the Donald Trump, David Bach & Duchess of York/ Sarah Ferguson financial education seminar brands. He was responsible for producing leads from all Multi-Media channels: mailing 100 million pieces/year, buying DRTV/radio time, Space ads, creating their Email promotions and Websites. The results of his lead acquisition program and strategic development of the Women’s Financial Conference increased sales by150% from $80 million to over $200 million.

He moved to Chicago and joined Encyclopaedia Britannica to manage their Mail Order profit center as their youngest Vice President. He created many new club and loyalty marketing programs, including the Sesame Street catalog, which produced millions in sales with high profit margins while reducing fulfillment costs. Subsequently as the Compton’s brand was sold to The Tribune Company/The Learning Company, he moved with the Compton’s brand which led to his buying the company brand. As President of Success Publishing Group, he published Compton’s for several years before he sold the company back to EB.

He began his direct marketing career over 30 years ago with Columbia House Record Club, a division of CBS. For the next several years, his career expanded at Grolier Enterprises culminating in his being appointed their youngest Executive Vice President and Officer. He was responsible for developing and implementing group sales of tens of millions of dollars with significant profit contributions from club, continuity & loyalty programs. At Grolier, he worked with many licensors including Disney, Dr. Seuss/Random House, Charles Schulz, Jacques Cousteau, Price, Stern and Sloan and others.

Mr. Capetanakis has been a DMA Echo Award judge for many years, a past speaker at DMA conventions and was a past member of the board of directors for the Advertising Mail Marketing Association. He holds an MBA and a BS from Long Island University.

Client Roster (Financial & Other)

  • Adam & Eve- a publishing firm
  • Barchart/Commodity Research Bureau– oldest publisher of charts/trends in commodity market
  • The Casey Report– Leading newsletter publisher on Natural Resources including gold & oil
  • Chelsea House/Main Line Book Co. – children’s/young adult trade and library publisher
  • Cole Group- publisher of Ortho cookbooks, California Culinary Academy and 101 Productions Imprints
  • The College Network- Offers Online educational college tests for transfer credit for AS & BS degrees
  • David Lindahl/ Riches in Real Estate– teaches people how to invest in Real Estate
  • eVoice, a division of J2- BTB firm selling phone systems to new business owners
  • Hill Group- a leading DM agency; worked on the Blockbuster Video account
  • Ken Roberts– launched his “un-retirement” with Ultimate Technique for Success Club
  • Larry Levin/Trading Advantage– leading investment education firm for traders
  • National Grants Conferences– trained consumers to receive grant money from the government
  • Media Syndication Group- sold consumer products via bank and oil credit card statements
  • MIT/NMA– one of the largest financial seminar firms- mailed over 100 million pieces/year, partnership with Investools
  • MYTXTBOOKS.COM, Inc.- Start-up firm and marketer of college eBooks
  • The Options Insider Radio Network- #1 podcast on iTunes, developed new business- 300K downloads/month
  • Larry Pino/Optionetics/MyMediaWorks– teaches people how to invest in Options
  • Penguin USA- a major US publisher
  • Publication International Ltd. – the largest publisher of cookbooks in US
  • Strategic Data Intelligence- a new leading BTB data marketing group (formed by owners of Direct Tech)
  • The Trump Institute– a Donald Trump educational company featuring live training for investors
  • Wilton Gallery- a collectible firm offering US stamps to retailers and consumers
  • Women’s Financial Conference– the Duchess of York/ Sarah Ferguson offered financial education to women
  • World Impressions, Inc. – a marketer of Sportmaps to retailers

You can find out more about Mike at his company site,

Sandy Fox writes all the short copy you need to support your long form sales promotions

Sandy Fox creates short copy collateral for financial newsletter promotions.

Sandy Fox creates short copy collateral for financial newsletter promotions.

Sandy Fox specializes in the short copy surrounding long sales letters especially financial newsletter promotions. This includes: emails, opt-in, order pages, thank you, welcome, retention and renewal pages. 

When publishers change the offer, freshen the lead and headline, or do A/B tests, they need fresh ancillary copy each time. Sandy is skilled at matching the tone and voice of the original promo while adding energy and persuasive techniques.

She also works in the alternative investing and money management opportunities. These include rental real estate, mortgage notes, whole life insurance, info-marketing and technology start-up’s.

She has been trained by Clayton Makepeace (financial copywriting), Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula), Ryan Diess (Digital Marketer), AWAI, Chris Marlow, and Dan Kennedy (info-marketing). And she uses their methods to create compelling copy.

She’s written for Newsmax, Street Authority, Motley Fool UK, Academic Tech Ventures and others. Her recent book, Growing Customer Lifetime Value: Retention & Renewal, shows how to use short copy to strengthen the bottom line.  You can view her portfolio at

Ryan Niessen, full-service copywriting & funnel provider

Ryan Niessen, full-service copywriting & funnel provider

Ryan Niessen, full-service copywriting & funnel provider

Hi, I’m Ryan Niessen.

If you’re looking for an “A-Level” copywriter, that’s not me. I haven’t written million dollar campaigns, trained in person with the greats, or taught copywriting.

Frankly, I’m honored to be listed on the same page as the other legends of direct response here.

Why am I here? 2 reasons:

Reason #1: I have unique value proposition that attracts a different type of client than the other brilliant copywriters here.

  • I develop strategy.
  • I write copy including emails, landing pages, sales pages, VSL’s, launch videos, webinars, and more.
  • Plus, I implement – meaning I’ll build your funnel and actually execute your campaigns.

In other words, I’m a full service copywriting + funnel provider.

Reason #2: Almost three of my 4+ years in this space were spent as the marketing manager for a financial education company called The Elevation Group (EVG), which generated more than $30M and taught more than 50,000 members since 2010.

I learned from and worked with some of the best, which makes me uniquely qualified to serve you in a full-service capacity

Since leaving EVG, I’ve executed two 6-figure campaigns for small business owners who hadn’t previously reached that mark online.

I created a funnel and campaign that generated a 3924% ROI on only $822 in ad spend.

Plus, I’ve been trusted to quarterback an upcoming digital product launch for Fanpage Traffic Academy (a Facebook agency that works with people like Brendon Burchard, Russell Brunson, and Chalene Johnson.)

To discover how we can work together, message me on my LinkedIn profile here.

Full-Service Funnel Samples:

Financial Swipe File: This sold $8.5 million & generated over 80,000 customers

The Bible Code Video PageThis promotion written by Nicholas Brack generated roughly $8.5 million in sales and over 80,000 new customers for his client. 

This promo represents one of the “Holy Grails” of copywriting, capturing a Big Idea that both perfectly encapsulates the worldview of the editor AND perfectly resonates with the core beliefs & values of a large segment of your marketplace.

After this blockbuster rolled out the industry saw many attempts by others to capitalize on this perfectly constructed theme.

This promo is a modern classic, studying it is a masterclass in how to connect directly with the deepest values of your prospects in a way that makes a sale.

Nicholas went on to become Creative Director at Agora’s Sovereign Society, and reveals many of his copywriting secrets and approaches as a speaker at the Investing Info-Marketing Summit.

Click here to download this for your financial swipe file. 

You can tap here to find out more about Nicholas and his work as a financial copywriter


John Newtson



Announcing The Copywriter’s Crawl

The Copywriters Crawl

Lead Crawler, Angel Suarez, one of today's top (and most eccentric) financial copywriters

Lead Crawler, Angel Suarez, one of today’s top (and most eccentric) financial copywriters

There are two things every publisher knows about copywriters:

#1 finding the right one can dramatically boost your sales. These are the guys and gals who can create million and multi-million dollar sales messages for your products.

#2 finding the one right for your business is painfully hard. Partly because copywriters are so busy, partly because not every copywriter (not even the great ones) is always a fit your business, and partly because you just don’t know very many of them.

But there is something else many publishers don’t realize about copywriters.

At conferences they travel in herds and head straight for the bars where they hang out, have fun, and share information late into the night.

At the last two Summit’s we had a group of several of the top financial copywriters in the industry form up and go on an impromptu bar crawl – with a handful of lucky publishers in tow.

But most of the publishers’ who were looking for copywriters didn’t know about it (It was impromptu afterall) but here was an opportunity to get to know the people who could put millions  in sales into your bank account.

So this year we’re making it official. Veteran financial copywriter, Angel Suarez (he’s written big winners for several of the top publishers today), will be leading the Crawl.

Register today for the Investing Info-Marketing Summit.


George Miller, financial copywriter

George Miller, financial copywriter

George Miller, financial copywriter

George Miller is the financial advisor’s ‘write hand.’

His 20-plus years as a securities broker, financial advisor and lead copywriter for several securities firms showed him from across the desk and kitchen tables how investors respond to the words they trust, suited to their sentiments and concerns, and free of lofty Wall Street prose, broker-ese and sales hype.

Whatever goals advisors and brokers set for their firms… fertile prospect pipelines, higher lead-to-conversion rates, stronger client relationships, larger assets to manage… George’s goal is to achieve it for them with a copywriting skill you only master from outside the writer’s desk… Front-line Client and Investor Face Time.

​A Few Numbers…

With his one-man national sales training firm, he sold approximately $1,000,000 in books, cassettes and seminar seats with $1,000 in start-up money, and achieved 1.5% to 2% response rates with self-mailers requiring advanced payments of up to $295 and higher.

Launched a sales/marketing website for financial advisors. Achieved 350,000 hits in the site’s first year from a target audience of 7,000.

Wrote a 12-page report on timeless investment strategies, resulting in financial advisor orders for 400,000 copies requiring several print runs. (Testimonials on hand)

To visit George’s website click here…

To view His Work Samples click here…

Click here to connect with George on LinkedIn…


Tim Diering, direct response copywriter

Financial copywriter Tim Diering

Tim Diering, Financial Copywriter

Hi, my name is Tim Diering.

I’ve been writing marketing copy for over 13 years now. It’s what I do. For the first 5 years I wrote regular marketing copy. For the past 8 years, I’ve been writing nothing but direct response copy for financial publishers.

My DR copy has generated more than $10 million dollars in sales.  One promotion in particular pulled more than $3 million in roughly 4 weeks (two separate two week promotions).

The publisher I’m working with currently saw a 47% increase in revenue within the first 3 months after I started writing copy for them.

That’s because I’ve had great training. From 2008 to 2014, I wrote exclusively for divisions of Agora Publishing. This is where I honed my skills, and learned the ins-and-outs of great copy from men like Bill Bonner, Mark Ford, and Mike Palmer (among others).

I’ve also trained with Clayton Makepeace in “The Makepeace Method”, Clayton’s proven personal process for creating winning video sales letters.

In addition to my experience and training, I’ve developed my own two-step process for creating winning copy.

Step One uses an old screenwriting technique that allows me to generate copy very quickly (one publisher begged me for an “emergency” promotion in 3 days; this technique allowed me to get it to him. It worked well, too).

Step Two harnesses a 2,300-year-old “secret” that lets me consistently create copy that’s compelling, persuasive and effective. Combined, these two steps have become my “go to” process that’s allowed me to create more copy winners more often.


Contact Tim on Linkedin here.

Scott Martin, the only direct response copywriter who has written a book about Caddyshack…

Financial Copywriter Scott Martin

Scott Martin, veteran financial copywriter

I fully admit … that has NOTHING to do with financial copywriting.

So let me move away from “the greatest movie ever made” and focus on what’s important: increasing your revenue.

In the last 24 months, my copy has generated over $20 million for my clients.

I’ve been writing copy for 25 years. For the last four years, I’ve been focusing on health, biz-op, golf, and financial.

At the 2013 AWAI Bootcamp, my copy placed 3rd out of 48 entries in the Clayton Makepeace Challenge.

I’ve written copy in the last 3 years for The Oxford Club, Palm Beach Letter, and other Agora entities. I’m currently working on long-form copy for Eagle and The Motley Fool.

Plus I’ve written hundreds of squeeze pages and related copy for financial products and services.

What this means for you…

As an aggressive, up-and-coming financial copywriter, I have availability on my schedule. Plus I have experience working with the top financial publishers.

Additional notes:

  • Currently being mentored by A-List direct response copywriter David Deutsch.
  • Winner of spec challenge at 2014 AWAI Bootcamp.
  • I have taken AWAI’s financial copywriting course.
  • My clients will tell you I’m easy to work with and meet deadlines.
  • I can write VSL, sales letters, emails … the whole shebang.
  • I’m also a Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter for Info-Marketers.
  • As a member of AWAI, I have taken their “Masters” program for copywriters.

To get to know me and my work, let’s start with a small project … could be a simple autoresponder series or squeeze page. Contact me here. Of course, if you need a longer project, I can help with that as well.

Additional clients include:

  • Simon and Schuster
  • Crazy Egg
  • Lombardi Publishing
  • Unbounce
  • Digital Marketer (Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher)
  • Revolution Golf
  • Virgin Holidays
  • Marketing Results (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Direct Digital (Nugenix, SlimScience and Instaflex brands)
  • The Jim McLean Golf School
  • Keller Williams (St. Louis, Mo.)
  • The Mountain Chalet Aspen

Here’s a testimonial from a current client.

“Scott Martin is a rare find—a direct response copywriter who understands how to motivate customers to call or get out their credit cards and buy! He has a genuine enthusiasm for great copy, is fun to work with, hits deadlines, but most of all—he gets results!”

For more testimonials, click here now.

For my website, click here now.

To contact me, click here.

You will find my free direct response “preflight” checklist extremely useful for every project.

Financial Copywriter – Mike Jezek

Mike Jezek, Financial Copywriter

Financial copywriter Mike Jezek

Put 15 Years of Winning in Your Corner

If you want to add thousands of new names to your list and pyramid your back-end profits to new heights … Mike Jezek is the financial copywriter to call.

In the beginning, his first sales letter, an acquisition piece, fetched a smashing 7% conversion rate. Early to Rise brought in a handsome $441,000 in one day from Mike Jezek’s copy. One email Mike wrote seized $28,000 in afternoon profits.

Another client was all smiles when the sales funnel Mike wrote took in a kingly $1.2 million in three months. But that’s only part of the story.

In 2013, Mike signed on with a major financial newsletter publisher and out of a group of 18 front-end copywriters, he ended the year ranked at 4th place.

Then in 2014, out of about 25 front-end copywriters, he took first place … and held the title throughout the year. But he won’t be retiring anytime soon.

He’s very much active, writing his client’s next winning package. While other writers take time off to hang out with friends, Facebook, or play the latest Call of Duty game – Mike’s tapping away at the keyword creating a new blockbuster promo.

There’s a saying Mike’s favorite boxer, Floyd Mayweather says, “While you’re asleep – I’m training!” And so it’s the same with Mike Jezek.

Turn him loose on your acquisition packages and back-ends waiting to be written and you’ll sleep like a baby at night knowing it’s money in the bank.


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