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Just wanted to let you know that this Thursday March 24th, at 2 PM East (10 AM PST), I’m hosting a webinar with Ray Karpuska.
Ray’s a top video conversion expert who has boosted conversions for top internet marketers like Russell Brunson, Kelly Fix (“The Rich Jerk”), Mike Koenigs and others.
And he’s also boosted conversions for some of the classic direct response marketers like Jay Abraham and Jordan (the real “Wolf of Wall Street”).
Ray is doing a lot of really cool stuff. Stuff you can use in your business to boost conversions and sales.
He’s got a string of testimonials a mile long from top marketers.
See you on the webinar,

Why are internet marketing gurus scared of financial publishing?

It’s a funny situation.

I’ve talked to one after another of some of the biggest names in internet marketing – people teaching tens of thousands of people how to make money online.

And they’ve almost all TRIED to run a financial publishing business. They understand the money is there… if you know how to get it.

But they quit.

They leave.

They tell me (these are actual quotes I’ve gotten)

Trading is the hardest most competitive niche to do product launches in. It’s too hard to make money there.”

“I can’t figure out how to make it work so I stick with easier niches.”

“Back in 2005 financial was my favorite niche but that only last two years. It’s just gotten so much harder to make money there I’d rather just sell internet marketing products.”

So why is it, that the tools, the templates, the strategies that work so well for them in OTHER niches have failed them miserably in ours?

It’s popular in marketing circles to look down on people who say, “My business is different.”

But what if it’s true?

For instance, if you’re buying traffic in say, the weight loss niche, do you have to compete with national political parties with deep pockets who can buy up months of ad space for a year a time?

Not, but we do, the presidential cycle affects our traffic.

If you’re selling how to make money online products how often do you see a change in what types of products convert because the stock market went crazy?

Never. But it’s common for us..

If you’re selling how to date women products do you have to worry every couple of months that you’re headlines and promotions have to change whenever some major geopolitical event happens? Or when the stock market changes directions? Or when the government comes up with some new policy?

No, but in the financial niche we do.

The reality is, the financial niche is its own animal.

What the marketing gurus preach and what actually works in our niche are rarely the same thing.

Not because they’re not good marketers but because you have to take the time to really know our niche and what works and doesn’t work. Financial is a very dynamic niche in a lot of ways. In other ways it’s very conservative.

It’s dynamic in terms of the conversation our prospects and customers are having with the market. That affects the stories, hooks, and understanding that shows up in our promotions.

It’s conservative in that our customers tend to be late adopters on a lot of things. Things that work great in other niches may take a while to work in ours, or never work because the perceived lack of credibility they bring to the table.

The trading and investing niche has it’s own unique traffic opportunities not found anywhere else. We have a very competitive market in that there are a lot of excellent marketers and publishers going after customers.

We also have competitive business models, like brokers (for instance) who might give away how to information a small publisher would sell because the broker gets paid on the trading commissions, not the product sale.

So what DOES work?

The only real place to find out is from your fellow entrepreneurs, marketers, and super-affiliates who are working in this niche.

People like, Aaron Dehoog, he took Newsmax Financial from 15,000 paid customers to over 400,000 in a few short years.

Among his secrets is a 5-step process he used to increase his average sale by 165%.

Or Pyong Kim, the super-affiliate responsible for over $100+ million in affiliate sales, who can get traffic easier, cheaper, and more effectively than most publishers.

Or Cory Bridgewater, one of the biggest media buyers of trading traffic working today, he can dial in and get you a steady flow of 3,000… 5,000 or more paid customers month after month after month.

Or John Hutchinson, a publisher who got so sick of refunds he figured out a way to reduce them to less than 1%. AND wins 100% of the few chargebacks he might get.

All of these marketers shared their secrets, tips, and strategies at the last Investing Info-Marketing Summit.

You can get the recordings here.

If you’re trying to figure out what opportunities there are for you to build your financial publishing business faster than that is your best resource.


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