About us

The Investing Info-Marketing Summit is the #1 networking and marketing conference for the trader education and financial publishing industry.

We’re specifically focused on creating the resources, relationships, and processes for publishers to acquire more customers, generate more back end sales, develop powerful strategic alliances, and build scalable businesses.

John Newtson

John Newtson, Co-Founder of the Summit & Financial Copywriter

John Newtson, Co-Founder of the Summit & Financial Copywriter

I specialize in helping early stage publisher’s breakthrough the barriers to hit the $1 million, $5 million, and $10 million a year sales targets.

Through the years I’ve been an in-house agency copywriter, in-house copywriter & marketing director for a publishing house, freelance financial copywriter, copy chief, and Chief Direct Marketing Officer for financial publishers.

My business mentor, the one who brought me into the business and trained me in the methods and strategies he used to take a $3.5 million direct response company up to $120 million in sales – in just over a year.

I used that knowledge to help one financial publisher go from a standing start – with $0 in sales and no list – to $1.3 million in 90-days then on to $6 million in 12-months, and to over $10 million in annual sales by the end of his second year in business.

I’ve also launched a new division for a client into a new market and generated $2 million for them in under a month.

I’ve written sales promotions that have generated up to $10.5 million in sales.

And promos that made as much $980,366.50 in sales from a tiny 5,000 name list in less than sixty-days.

In fact, the unique copywriting method I’ve developed over the years is the reason 9 out 10 the trading service product launches I’ve written generated $1 million in sales or more, and over 40% of my launches have generated well over $2 million in sales for financial publishers.

Jami Stout

Jami Stout, Co-Founder of The Investing Info-Marketing Summit

Jami Stout, Co-Founder of The Investing Info-Marketing Summit

Jami Stout has driven over $20 million worth of affiliate traffic to launches for trading services for different financial publishers

She’s builds affiliate networks for financial publishers, like Agora’s The Palm Beach Letter &James Altucher.  Jami has driven affiliate traffic for some of the biggest trading service launches in recent memory.

If you’re not part of an affiliate network, you’re missing out on millions in potential sales.

Financial publishers who don’t have access to an affiliate network are stuck with only two ways to get new customers: buying advertising and trickles of free traffic.

Just look at Agora, one of the largest financial publishers online today. Agora operates as a holding company with multiple independent publishers operating separate businesses.

Those publishers act as a private affiliate network by cross-promoting for each other. This gives each independent publisher an “extra” traffic source capable of producing millions in sales for them each year – a traffic source you don’t have access too.

But here’s the thing: Jami has managed launches where the largest of those publishers also promoted; publishers whose overall sales are over a hundred million.

And Jamie’s affiliate network has been able to, on average, push about the THIRD of the sales of the hundred million dollar + publisher on a single campaign!

If you have an affiliate network but want to make it bigger, Jami can show you several ways to find, connect with, and close new affiliates for your business.

If you don’t have any affiliates promoting your products yet, but want to find them, then this presentation will give you everything you need to get started.

As Co-Founder of the Investing Info-Marketing Summit Jami is right at the red hot center of the financial affiliate network.