Do you know who will buy your trading or investing publishing business or website?

Do you know how much you can sell your trading or investing publishing business or website for?

And to who?

brad HoppmanBrad Hoppman does.

He’s been involved in valuing companies and deals with a variety of publishing companies in our niche. He’s done it from both sides of the deal – as the buyer and the seller.

Recently, Brad and his group bought two financial companies, one that was making roughly $5 million a year.

He’s helped put together deals involving publishers, private equity, and venture capitalists.

He’s helped put together mergers, outright purchases, and other deals in the financial publishing niche.

I asked Brad to come to the Summit in February to talk about how to value your business.

And share who the buyers are. (Yes, we’re going to have more than one investor in the room who buys sites and businesses).

People who are actively looking to buy businesses, websites, lists, or find potential merger partners in investing & trading niche.

I’ve felt for a long time that this is one area that gets totally overlooked by most industry conferences.

Buying or selling a business is the biggest deals most people will ever make. It’s the end goal that many entrepreneurs are hoping to reach when they start their business.

And it’s how many other companies look to grow faster.

But there hasn’t been a place to go to talk about it in our niche.

Before now there hasn’t been a place you could go to meet potential buyers or sellers. Or even to just have the conversation and get to know what’s opportunities are out there.

That’s why I wanted Brad to come to the Summit to present.

If you don’t know already then you should know that Brad is the President and Publisher of Weiss Research’s Uncommon Wisdom group.

He is one of the most experienced publisher’s in the industry today.

He used to be Vice President at, Directory at Stansberry Research & Associates, and Director at TradeKing (Where he was awarded “Best Financial Advertising Campaign” in 2007-2008 by The Financial Publisher’s Association).

If you’ve ever thought about selling your business, either now or down the road, or you just want to understand what you could REALLY get for it, then this is a must-see presentation.

To see what else we’ve got lined up for financial publishers and marketers at the Summit in February click here.

John NewtsonBest,
John Newtson
Co-Founder of
The Investing Info-Marketing Summit

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