If you’re looking for financial affiliates to promote your products, or affiliate programs to promote

Click here  to download the Financial Affiliate Questionnaire. 

The Financial Affiliate’s Round Table will be held at The Investing Info-Marketing Summit on February 15th, at 4 pm.  Go here for registration information 

Financial Swipe File: This sold $8.5 million & generated over 80,000 customers

The Bible Code Video PageThis promotion written by Nicholas Brack generated roughly $8.5 million in sales and over 80,000 new customers for his client. 

This promo represents one of the “Holy Grails” of copywriting, capturing a Big Idea that both perfectly encapsulates the worldview of the editor AND perfectly resonates with the core beliefs & values of a large segment of your marketplace.

After this blockbuster rolled out the industry saw many attempts by others to capitalize on this perfectly constructed theme.

This promo is a modern classic, studying it is a masterclass in how to connect directly with the deepest values of your prospects in a way that makes a sale.

Nicholas went on to become Creative Director at Agora’s Sovereign Society, and reveals many of his copywriting secrets and approaches as a speaker at the Investing Info-Marketing Summit.

Click here to download this for your financial swipe file. 

You can tap here to find out more about Nicholas and his work as a financial copywriter


John Newtson



Classic Dan Rosenthal sales letter

I’ve got a classic sales letter I just came across in my files and thought I’d post it.

So the story goes that this letter, written by legendary copywriter Dan Rosenthal, pulled in somewhere around $10-$12 million in a week or so way back in 1993.

This is a story told to me by my boss, who was that publisher’s chief copywriter,  while we were sitting in Irish Pub so take the numbers with a grain of salt.

The way I heard it is that Dan came up with the idea of pitching a $5,000 fax based trading service. He pitched the idea to his client with a deal where he would get paid something like $0 up front but get 30% (ish) of sales.

At that point in their business his client was not pitching high-ticket services like this. They, like the Motley Fool for so many years after them, focused on selling just low ticket newsletters and cross-selling those customers to other lower price newsletters.

So when they finally sold this $5k service they already had a big list of buyers to go to who were basically “backend virgins” to them.

It was a huge winner.

Click here to download the sales letter. 

And go here if you’d like to see a promo that sold $8.5 million for an investment newsletter and generated over 80,000 new customers

Who comes to the Summit?

What kind of companies attend the Summit? Publishers, media companies & ad networks, financial marketers and more.







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Our Hard Rock Universal Orlando Discount Rate

Hard Rock Universal


We  do have a special discounted rate for you when you attend the Investing Info-Marketing Summit.

The Hard Rock Resort at Universal in Orlando, Florida was a great location for us last year.

But we did run out of rooms in our discounted block so book early.

Tap here to reserve your rooms. 

Announcing The Copywriter’s Crawl

The Copywriters Crawl

Lead Crawler, Angel Suarez, one of today's top (and most eccentric) financial copywriters

Lead Crawler, Angel Suarez, one of today’s top (and most eccentric) financial copywriters

There are two things every publisher knows about copywriters:

#1 finding the right one can dramatically boost your sales. These are the guys and gals who can create million and multi-million dollar sales messages for your products.

#2 finding the one right for your business is painfully hard. Partly because copywriters are so busy, partly because not every copywriter (not even the great ones) is always a fit your business, and partly because you just don’t know very many of them.

But there is something else many publishers don’t realize about copywriters.

At conferences they travel in herds and head straight for the bars where they hang out, have fun, and share information late into the night.

At the last two Summit’s we had a group of several of the top financial copywriters in the industry form up and go on an impromptu bar crawl – with a handful of lucky publishers in tow.

But most of the publishers’ who were looking for copywriters didn’t know about it (It was impromptu afterall) but here was an opportunity to get to know the people who could put millions  in sales into your bank account.

So this year we’re making it official. Veteran financial copywriter, Angel Suarez (he’s written big winners for several of the top publishers today), will be leading the Crawl.

Register today for the Investing Info-Marketing Summit.


Huge list of traffic sources for trading & investing publishers

financial traffic sourcesIf you’re looking for new places to get customers for your trader education or investing newsletter offers then here is a big list of places to start.

And if you have suggestions of other traffic opportunities please post them in the comments below.

Free Traffic Opportunities for Financial Publishers and Trading Educators

  1. The Investing Info-Marketing Summit Ad Swap Directory
  2. Trading Pub or Contact Rollie White

Dedicated financial traffic media sources

  1. Financial Media Corp Contact Paul Ruffolo
  2. or Contact Bob Fladung
  3. Investors Alley  or ContactBrett Klasko 
    (Here’s a video list review I did on this list awhile back )
  5. Offertise &  or Contact Tim Bourquin
  6. Trader Planet
  7. Dedicated Emails List or Contact Brian Litman
  8. Insider Wealth Alert or Contact Gary Mizrahi
  9. or Contact James Stafford
  10. Money & Markets or Contact Chelsie Donaghy
  11. The Blaze & Glenn Beck Go here for an interview with national vp of The Blaze about their advertising opportunities. And here for a list review I did awhile back.
  12. Opt Intelligence
  13. Traders Reserve
  14. Investing Media Solutions
  15. Oxegen Media
  16. Street Authority
  17. Newsmax & Moneynews
  18. The Motley Fool
  19. Investorplace Media
  20. Investors Business Daily and
  22. NASDAQ
  23. Bloomberg
  24. Marketwatch, Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal  .
  25. Dean Media Group
  26. Schaeffers Research
  28. Investing Answers
  29. Investopedia
  31. SeekingAlpha
  33. WallStMavenscom
  34. eFinancialNewscom
  35. GuruFocus. com
  36. ETF Daily News
  37. ETF Digest
  38. Minyanville
  39. Naked Capitalism
  40. ValueWalk
  41. Kitco

 General Ad Networks that have financial opportunities

  1. Taboola
  2. Outbrain
  3. Industry Brains
  4. Ad Choices
  5. Adblaze /
  6. Double Click by Google

Radio – places I know financial publishers have had good luck.

  1. Sirius radio – Channels Bloomberg & CNBC
  2. Glenn Beck Radio –

 Content Syndication Opportunities

  3. SeekingAlpha

Sponsorship Opportunities at Live Investing Events 

1. New Orleans Investment Conference or Contact Emily Coia

2.  The Money Show & Trader Expo

3. The Value Investor Conference

And if you’re in the financial publishing industry and are not already a member then join the Financial Publishing group here on LinkedIn

Financial Publishing LinkedIn Group

Financial Publishing on LinkedInIf you’re a financial publisher, trader educator, or marketer in the financial publishing industry then make sure you join the community on LinkedIn.

It seemed odd that our industry didn’t have a dedicated group on LinkedIn so we created on.

We made it private so posts can only be seen by members. It’s a great place to network and share info. Just click here to join and get involved.

Your customers need you A LOT right now – are you there for them?

I bet you’ve been getting calls, texts, and emails from your friends, family, and customers asking you’re opinion on the markets.When the market gets volatile – and especially when it threatens (or at least appears to threaten) to crash people do two things.First, they pay real close attention.Second, they start looking for someone to explain it and tell them what to do.

That creates opportunities for you as a publisher or trader educator AND it creates risks.

I see many of you are on top of this (I am on pretty much everyone’s list) but I also see a lot of you dropping the ball.

Watch this quick video above about the opportunities and risks.

If you want a quick scan of what I’m talking about here are the two big points.

#1: Financial publishers need to be plan ahead for down markets . During major corrections customers change their buying behaviors. Instead of bullish products and how to make money products they run to crash products, shorting products, and anything SPECIFICALLY geared towards a dropping market.

A lot of publishers got slaughtered in 2008 because before things really hit the fan all of their winning promotions and sales funnels were essentially bullish.

Then when the crash hit EVERYTHING stopped working and they saw massive drops in sales. They had to scramble to get back on the right side of the customer  and get their cash flowing.

I’ve written promos in the past specifically to fit into correcting markets. The idea is to have a product AND promotion you can roll out on the fly when the market tanks.

When the market started getting volatile the client could roll it out on a dime and often made $400,000-$500,000 in a month when nothing else was selling.

Every financial publisher should have a “Sell in Case of Crash” product and promotion in their tool kit because other things WILL stop working.

People look for products that appear to deal with this EXACT situation.

#2: Big market moves are head-turners – think of what happens when a big snowstorm or hurricane or tornado runs through a community – everyone comes out.

People help each other and they TALK to each other, often for the first time in years.

Big events create community, or at least enliven communities, and if you’re NOT part of the conversation during these times you’re missing out.

You’re missing out on opportunity to strengthen the relationship with your customer.

You’re missing out on the opportunity to have something that sells.

And you’re giving OTHER PEOPLE the chance to build a relationship with your customers.

Your prospects and customers are looking for leadership right now and they will reward who ever provides with their dollars.


Huge conversion rate increases across an entire sales funnel

We’re finishing up the line up of speakers for the next Investing Info-Marketing Summit being held at the Hard Rock Universal in Orlando, Florida on February 15th-16th, 2016.

And I wanted to quickly share some conversion date from one of our soon-to-be-announced speakers.

He’s a publisher of products for traders and his primary sales channel are his email to webinar funnels.

He was looking for ways to increase sales and went through his entire sales funnel and started testing. He tested things I’ve never seen anyone else test before and his results are phenomenal.

Here they are in his own words along with conversion numbers:

“I increased my landing page opt-in rate from 29% to 46%. (58% increase)

“That opt-in rate is actually as high as 86% for some targeted paid traffic. No affiliates have sent traffic that has converted below 50% and most of my paid for ads are around the 75% mark. The overall average is pulled down due to the less targeted general nature of web hits and blog visits.

  • Increased conversion to my front end paid product from 18% to 35%. (94% increase)
  • Increased attendance to my main sales webinar from 33% to 94%. (184% increase)
  • Increased conversion to my main flagship $10K product from 1.9% to 3%. (58% increase)
  • Reduced refunds from 15% to 0%. I have done this while still offering an unconditional 21 day refund guarantee, exactly as I always have.

“A full 60% of my customers now pay the full upfront price of my product rather than take the installment plan (it used to be only 40%). This is on a $10K product”

The best part about all of these improvements is that they are ALL tests you can implement on just about any sales funnel.

If you managed to get just a fraction of the conversion increases he did then you’re business could skyrocket.

Think about it:

  • Look at your lead to front end product conversion rate. He managed to get a 94% increase in sales.Do the math for yourself and see what just a 50% increase in conversions would do for your business.
  • Or do the math on your sales webinars. What’s your average attendance and what is your conversion rate? The test results you’ll see at the Summit increased webinar attendance by a MASSIVE 184% so if you’re getting 500 attendees on a webinar now you could potentially get 1,420 attendees. But even if you only did half that good you’d still be getting around 960 people to attend vs. 500.
  • But he didn’t just put more “butts in seats” he also boosted his sales conversions 58% — on a $10,000 product! Look at your own sales conversions – what would a 50% or better increase do to your bottom line? A lot I bet, right?
  • And that’s STILL not all that he did to increase revenue because he tested different ways of talking about his money-back guarantee on that $10,000 product. And one of those copy changes ELIMINATED refunds entirely – even though he STILL offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

We’re excited to have him present his Case Study of his tests and results at the upcoming Investing Info-Marketing Summit, at the Hard Rock Universal in Orlando, Florida on February 15th-16th, 2016. If you haven’t reserved your seats yet go here, scroll down and lock them in now.




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